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Not only do plants help to grow up fast and get high quality, bio-organic fertilizers (nano fertilizer) Goldtech G05 is also a "warrior" in improving soil and balancing soil system.

Many farmers in vegetable gardens belonging to Thinh Long (Hai Hau district, Nam Dinh) are gradually phasing out inorganic fertilizers and switch to using the bio-organic fertilizers Goldtech G05 which are researched and produced at the Goldtech Biotechnology Investment Company Limited.

"Boost" crop yield increased remarkably

April 4, 2016, it’s the first time the Thinh Long farmers are seen directly the bio-organic fertilizer bottles produced by nano technology. Listen to the staff of the Goldtech company, he introduced: "100ml of the liquid fertilizer Goldtech G05 can mix with 1200 liters of water to fertilize the plants". Everyone suspected.

Healthy and green vegetables is because of the bio-organic fertilizer Goldtech G05.

At that time, Mr. Ngo Van Hao, vice chairman of Thinh Long Farmers' Association, had to take the prestige of the individual to ensure. Mr. Nguyen Van Dung, leader of the 22nd civil group and 7 other elite farmers decided to use their families' fields as a "test site".

Mr. Ngo Van Hao's Chinese turnip beds were planted on sandy soil. Because of the shortage of manure, over the years, additional sources of nutrients for plants have depended on inorganic fertilizers. Every year, the farmer intensively cultivates 4-5 crop seasons of leafy vegetables. The soils become exhausted but not regularly improved so that they become depleted more and more. If not covered with a new layer of sand on the surface, only after 1-2 years, the field will turn into "dead land". So any plant cultivated there also will be damaged seriously by pests and give low productivity.

Mr. Ngo Van Hao - Vice Chairman of Thinh Long Farmers' Farmers Association - commented on the effectiveness of the fertilizer Goldtech G05 produced by the Goldtech Company.

Since using the fertilizer Goldtech G05 of the Goldtech company, Mr. Hao used only a few NPK fertilizers for basal application and sowing the turnip seeds. When the plants are 3-4 leaves, he mixed the fertilizer in the ratio: 1ml of the liquid fertilizer and 20 liters of water, and fertilize the plants with automatic sprinkler system of Israel technology.

Since then, he sprayed periodically every 6 days. Compared to conventional cultivation of the turnips, he was amazed by outstanding growth of the turnips after using the fertilizer Goldtech G05: the leaves got larger, thicker and greener; the tubers grew very fast and do not have the appearance of pests and diseases. In contrast, control turnip beds have relatively high rates of yellow leaves, stunted plants, small leaves and more curled leaves.

To prove, Mr. Hao pulled up a 40-day-old Chinese turnip and showed us. Everyone was surprised because the turnip tuber was up to 35 cm in length and about 5 cm in diameter. With the hands rubbing off the sand, the tuber skin showed very white color and glossy surface. Above-ground part has 14 leaves that were still green and undamaged. Put on the scale, the tuber part weighs 410 grams.

Mr. Hao said that on average, a cultivated area of 360m2 of Chinese turnip produced 1-1,2 tonnes of turnip with the price of 4,000 VND/ kg, so the revenue reached about 3.5 to 4 million. However using the Goldtech fertilizer, crop yields increased up to 1.8 tons per 360m2. At present, traders have bought the whole 2 “sao” of the turnip (1 “sao” = 360m2) of Mr. Hao with the price of 5 million VND/ 360m2. Especially, the quality of the turnips is very good. Even though it is missed over a few days of harvest time, it is not spongy, but strong sweet.

Mr. Ngo Van Hao - Vice Chairman of Thinh Long Farmers’ Association.

Mr. Nguyen Van Hung, a farmer of the 22nd civil group belonging to Thinh Long town firstly used the fertilizer Goldtech G05 a week ago. But, this old farmer said that his plants grew better, and their tolerance ability to pests was better, too. "I will pursue this product to fertilize my crops, replacing inorganic fertilizer," Hung said.

"Enrich" the sandy land

According to Dr. Nguyen Thi Nga, Technical Director of the Goldtech Company, the nano fertilizer Goldtech G05 contains 138 active substances and essential oils extracted from nature being good for plants. That plants are fertilized periodically every 7 days will help them absorb a lot of nutrients in very short time (by the addition of humic acid up to 2.6% in one 100ml bottle), grow fast, get green leaves and big stem, become healthy and limit pests and diseases. In particular, by attachment of the silver nanoparticles to the leaf surface, it resembles the protective “armor” of the leaves to resist coldness, hoarfrost, acid rain; and limit to certain diseases such as downy mildew, anthracnose, powdery mildew, wilting, leaf yellowing,...

In addition, the fertilizer product Goldtech G05 has the ability to improve the soil system by supplementing protein content from soybeans, essential oils and neem (commonly used in medicine to enhance the antibacterial ability on skin surface) so the product helps plants anti bacteria and the soil environment be improved better.

Visiting model of vegetable cultivation using the fertilizer Goldtech G05, Mr. Vu Van Trien, Head of Agriculture and Rural Development Hai Hau district, is very impressive. He commented: "This is a high-tech fertilizer that is very valuable to agricultural production. Plants applied with this fertilizer will absorb nutrients fast, grow strongly, and resist well to pests and diseases. The Goldtech Company needs to accelerate the transfer of technology using the fertilizer Goldtech G05 for crop production to increase added value in agricultural products”.

Mr Nguyen Van Tien, Vice Chairman of the People's Committee and Head of Agriculture and Rural Development of Thinh Long town said that total area of ​​vegetable production areas of the town was about 380 ha. In the past years, vegetable cultivation has brought high income to farmers. Agro-products here are not only served the local but also sold mainly in Hanoi markets.

To produce and build the Thinh Long Safe Vegetable brand, food hygiene and safety must be top priority. I know that the Goldtech G05 fertilizer is very friendly to environment, plants absorb nutrients after spraying only a few hours and can be harvested to use after applying the fertilizer for just a few hours. Therefore, this product should be encouraged to use and replace traditionally inorganic fertilizers.


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