Goldtech Biotechnology Investment Company Limited is one of pioneers in the field of producing bioorganic fertilizer by applying modern nanotechnology and biological factors. The company has great contributions in the field of environmentally friendly fertilizer that is suitable with development trends of sustainable agriculture in Vietnam.
After research process and enduring creation with professional experiments of a team of professors and many leading agricultural scientists, Goldtech’s fertilizer products are born with transcendent characteristics bringing significant results and making sustainable values for benefits of farmers.
Not only does the Goldtech bioorganic fertilizer provide enough essential macro- and micro-nutrients for plant growth such as: Zn, Cu, Fe, Mn, Mg, Mo, Co, etc. but it also is applied Silver, Silica Nanotechnology, etc. in combination with bio organic compounds derived from nature such as soybean oil, coconut oil, neem oil, olive oil, and so on. In addition, the fertilizer contains organic essential oils extracted from lemongrass, mint, cinnamon having excellent ability to repel insects. The Goldtech product does not impact negatively on human health and ecological environment. This balances ecosystem (microorganisms, nutrients,...) in soil environment as well as living one. Furthermore, the fertilizer does not destroy soil texture, make land degradation but enhance fertility in arid land, infertile soil, land desertification (sandy soil, gravel soil). With the motto "Premier quality - Sustainable effect", the Goldtech bioorganic fertilizer with the nanotechnology application enhances plant's nutrient absorption helping plants grow and develop strongly, increase tolerance to diseases and pests, drought, coldness, hoarfrost, etc. from which increase plant productivity and quality. For years of operation, the Goldtech fertilizer has created the farmers' credibility across the country.
Board of Directors always have long-term strategies for the products like the application of nanotechnology for agriculture, based on the features of nanoparticles with strong ability of anti bacteria and fungi, fast effects, and natural and safe properties. Antibacterial ability can act throughout the product’s life. With the main ingredient combined with safe additives, the use of prevention and killing of bacterial and fungal pathogens is very good. The product creates a clean living environment, increase plant resistance without any negative effects on plants, cattle, poultry and aquatic animals and give agro-products ensuring food safety.
The Goldtech bio-organic fertilizer brand excels in important requirements for plants and certain problems such as plant protection from cold, drought, waterlogged saline or flooding; alum soil treatment, soil improvement; increase of Nitrogen fixing ability; immersion and treatment of cuttings, decrease of dropped phenomena of flowers or premature fruits; increase of total soluble solid and nutrient content; increase of crop yield; decrease of NPK and chemical fertilizers’ utilization... Therefore, the GOLDTECH Company has implemented many crop objectives such as rice, coffee, black pepper, tea, fruit trees ... in almost provinces of Vietnam.
The results showed that the efficiency of treating alum soil and toxins in water is very good. Particularly, problem of alum soil on rice has decreased greatly after 1-2 days of use. The colloids bound tightly with harmful substances for plants are destroyed; the toxins of plant protection drugs decompose quickly; and it creates buffer solution with a mild alkaline environment and helps the beneficial microorganisms and antagonistic fungi to develop so that the soil is more porous and fertile. In addition, the composition of secondary macronutrients and micronutrients in nano-form help good treatment of bacterial or fungal pathogens, make regeneration and restoration of leaves that help photosynthesis process, reduce the input amount of fertilizers, and increase crop yields. Through projects of green, clean, safe and economic farming, the Goldtech bio-organic fertilizer products and scientific advances are applied. This shows that farmers are very supportive with the Goldtech bioorganic fertilizer products. Speaking of the company is to speak to the prestige and quality product. We proud in be young business in response to the trust of customers. In the coming years, the staffs and workers in the Company are committed to taking the benefits of consumers as a guideline for every action. We are constantly striving to improve the quality of products and serving customers and providing solutions for Green-Clean-Safe and Economic farming.

Outstanding features of the Goldtech bioorganic fertilizer G05:

  • Treat seeds and cuttings well.
  • Balance soil pH and humidity, help soil be porous and fertile, and recover saline soil as well as soil aluminum.
  • Help root system develop strongly; produce many root hairs to uptake well nutrients from soil to plants.
  • Help plants grow quickly; produce many buds, branches and flowers; make leaves green and big.
  • Help plants be tough and strong; well adapt to environment;
  • Bloom simultaneously, enhances proportion of pollination; grow in the right development stages.
  • Increase nutrients in plants; help tubers, fruits and seeds be big and ripened simultaneously.
  • Prevent flowers and premature fruits from being dropped, withered, rotten, cracked, or sunburned.
  • Increase resistance to diseases (rice grassy stunt, rice ragged stunt, dried leaf tip and dried branches, rotten roots,...) and tolerance to unfavorable conditions of environment (coldness, hoarfrost, acid rain, waterlogged saline soil, flood, drought,...).
  • Increase plant productivity, reduce costs of inorganic fertilizers and plant protection drugs.
  • Gain clean and high – quality agricultural products meeting export standards.